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Re: So, what's up with the XFree86 4.0 .debs?

On Sun, Mar 12, 2000 at 07:06:19PM -0800, Alex Romosan wrote:
> the problem is with curses.h in libncurses5-dev. it redefines ERR and
> as such it conflicts with the definition from the glibc headers. this
> was the same problem noticed in dpkg 1.6.10. i just commented out the
> redefinition of ERR in /usr/include/curses.h and then the X package
> compiled just  fine. i am sure the proper solution is the one used in
> dpkg-1.6.11 though.

Hmm.  I am using the following patch, which I got from slashdot of all

--- xc/config/makedepend/cppsetup.c.orig        Sun Mar 12 15:47:41 2000
+++ xc/config/makedepend/cppsetup.c     Sun Mar 12 15:48:21 2000
@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@
        return 0;
     do {
        var = (*s)->s_value;
-       if (!isvarfirstletter(*var))
+       if (!isvarfirstletter(*var) || !strcmp((*s)->s_name, var))
        s = lookup_variable (ip, var, strlen(var));
     } while (s);

It did seem to fix the problem.  If someone who understands cppsetup.c
could comment and it turns out that this patch doesn't in fact disable some
feature of cppsetup, I will submit this patch to XFree86.

Anyway, XFree86 4.0 built without errors on a potato system and I am
basically deep in the guts of it right now, figuring out how I need to
break it up for packaging.

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