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Re: upgrade nightmare from slink to potato

Marc Haber wrote:

>After having worked with potato at the office for a few weeks now,
>I decided to upgrade my slink box at home. I pulled the CD images made by
>Andreas Jellinghaus and started. I had apt-0.3.13 on my slink box, so I
>decided to use the apt-cdrom way.


>I now have a system that doesn't know its cursor keys, that complains
>about locale errors all the time and can't be logged in to via the
>Does anybody have any ideas to solve this situation?

I did (well, had to do - the latest slink apt segfaults on the machine) a
m68k slink2potato upgrade with dselects ftp method. It required a few
dpkg --force-depends, too (yes, glibc, perl, etc.), but completed
successfully after several passes of install, configure. This may also
work for you (you would want to use the multicd method, of course). If you
see the same dependency problem come up several times in a pass or stay
several passes, upgrade the required package (and its dependencies)
manually before starting the next pass.

I also had to forcibly reinstall with dpkg some "severly broken" packages,
but I think this was only because I ran out of disk space in
mid-upgrade (aaargh!).

My original opinion about apt segfaulting was "bad luck", but after
reading your mail I'm not so sure any more. However, I was impressed by
dpkg's abilities to get all that mess repaired with a little help from the


Bjoern Brill

Bj"orn Brill <brill@fs.math.uni-frankfurt.de>
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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