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Resume from CeBIT fair 2000

We're back from CeBIT exhibition, taking place in Germany from Feb
23rd to Mar 1st.  Several developers have met there and presented both
Debian and Debian-related distributions.  We've had a lot of fun and
appreciated the contacts we were able to make.  We're trying to
summarize our experiences below.


  Several people from Debian were around presending Free Software and

  . Torsten Landschoff, mainly at the Linuxland/Debian booth;

  . Roland Bauerschmidt, Daniel Mester, Christian Loob, Henning
    Heinold and Torsten Landschoff providing support at the
    Stormix/Debian booth;

  . Henning Heinold, Andreas Schuldei and Rodger Etz-Brown helping at
    the LinuxTag booth;

  . myself at the Vogel-Verlag/CHIP booth

  Some other Debian developers have visited us at our respective
  booths.  Among them were Christian Kurz, Michael Meskes, Michael
  Bramer and Carsten Leonhardt.

  We also met Jens Rühmkorf, one of the developers of the FAI (Fully
  Automatic Installation) for Debian.  We already met one of his
  collegues, Thomas Lange, at Linux Kongress last year.


  On the fair I've met Richard Higson who is trying to aquire a
  mainframe to port Debian on.  We spoke about that port and
  acknowledged that two architectures would be required to fulfil this
  goal.  I've even seen Linux/390 booting on a S/390 emulator.  Read
  his story (see link at the end) that covers it all.


  Stormix Technologies, creator of StormLinux, gave us the possibility
  to build up an entire booth for Debian and present the free world
  entirely.  This was an exciting experience.  The Stormix people are
  really cool.  We've had lots of fun with them and really appreciated
  to work together.

  Some people from Stormix want to apply as maintainer so we should be
  able to work together more closely.  They plan to release their
  installation routine under the GPL so we can reuse parts of if.  The
  same applies to their package manager which is currently rewritten
  to use apt as backend.  It is a lot more evolved then our current
  gnome-apt package.


  This is a German company that provides support for Free Software
  like Linux, FreeBSD and others.  They borrowed us two pc's to for
  the Debian booth at the Stormix booth.  They work distribution
  independent but also have based two products on Debian (some others
  on redhat and freebsd): Lingo and a rescue disk on a shaped disc in
  form of a business card.


  The main Corel booth was next to a Win2k booth and they were
  demonstrating the installation of Corel Linux all the time on a big
  screen.  They've also mentioned that it's based on Debian.  (though
  I haven't seen that myself, I was said they did.)

  This year there was no Debian booth at Corel's.  However one of the
  people we personally know from Corel told me that there should be
  one, it only should have been planned half a year ago.  Thus, I'm
  asking for booth space for the next exhibitions.


  They fortunately paid for some of the passes we needed to staff the
  booths.  ID-Pro was also hired to build a pool-installation for
  Corel Linux, thus for Debian.  It will be free and I hope will be
  useable for plain Debian as well.


  LinuxTag is Europe's largest Linux exhibition and conference.  Apart
  for a free conference program and free exhibition there is enough
  space for Free Software projects, including Debian.  This year parts
  of organisation work is done by people affiliated to Debian.

	Torsten Landschoff


Richard Higson's report






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