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Re: dpkg logging wrapper

On Thu, Mar 09, 2000 at 07:14:39PM -0500, Nick Cabatoff wrote:
> So I've decided that I don't feel like waiting any longer for the
> wishlist bug for syslog output from dpkg to be implemented.  I've
> written a little shell wrapper that will do this for me, and will make
> it available if anyone likes - I may send it here for cricitism
> regardless. 
> However, I realize that this is really not the right approach, it's just
> expedient.  I'd be quite happy to patch dpkg (my needs are simple, so I
> don't think it'd be hard), but I don't want to bother unless I think
> it'll be integrated.  So I'm writing this to find out how it should be
> written such that it'll be most likely to be incorporated.  Thoughts,
> opinions, flames?

You don't have to wait much longer. I already have experienmental support
in the dpkg CVS tree (seperate branch I have been working on).

Just give it some time.

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