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python-xml, or: the dangers of beta software (and of diversions)

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Just want to bring this to everyone's attention (and especially the
people whose packages depend on python-xml):

python-xml diverts python-base's xmllib.py (and sgmllib.py, but I
didn't use that).  Now I got pretty confused when xmllib.XMLParser
didn't quite work like the documentation in /usr/doc/python says it

Until I finally realized (after comparing it with the `upstream'
xmllib.py from Python's CVS) that it was a pretty different from the
standard version.

After some more digging, I found that python-xml diverts xmllib.py to
its own version.

Okay, so it's in the python-xml README.Debian.  And I know I should
have read that... which I didn't.

But even if I had... the only thing it says is that those versions (of
xmllib and sgmllib) are 5 times faster.  It does *not* say that they
(at least xmllib) are very different from python-base's.

Given all this, I cannot recommend python-xml (BTW, xmllib is *not* 5
times faster... importing sgmlop doesn't work)

Bye, J

PS: Flame away if you want to, the new asbestos suit came in the mail
today ;-)

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