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Re: Consistant Keyboard Configuration (was Re: Another packages wishlist)

In article <cistron.20000307083340.I13879@ecn.purdue.edu>,
Branden Robinson  <branden@ecn.purdue.edu> wrote:
>On Mon, Mar 06, 2000 at 10:47:54PM +0000, Jules Bean wrote:
>> Sorry to drag out your least favourite thread, Branden, but I've read
>> the FAQ, and it doesn't seem to be working. 'xev' confirms that delete=20
>> and backspace do the right thing, but xterm still thinks backspace is
>> ^H, as does xemacs-run-in-an-xterm.
>Then, as I said in my message to my least favorite thread, it is a problem
>with the event translations.
>> jules@pear [7] xrdb -query -all=20
>> [nothing]
>> I'm at my wit's end here... any pointers?
>That is your smoking gun.  For some reason all your Xresources have been

Ah, another victim of gdm? I had that when I ran gdm as display
manager. I've changed to wdm and the problem was solved. I did not
bother to go back to gdm, pinpoint the problem, and submit a
bug report .. sorry .. I'm lazy.

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