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Re: Packages to remove from frozen

On Tue 07 Mar 2000, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         Well, you can tell them that the servers are buggy, and
>  perhaps get the ssh server fixed? Espescially since there is a
>  workaround to stop seeing the message.
>         I think openssh is doing the right thing here.

I've noticed a different problem with openssh:

Whenever I connect to a system that's listed in my /etc/hosts,
a DNS lookup is _still_ done.
(nsswitch.conf has "files dns", so that's not the problem)

Normally not a problem. However, I have the following situation:
ISDN dialup to work, and an ISDN dialup to the internet.  I have
the relevant systems at work listed in my /etc/hosts, so I can
simply do "ssh foo" to get a shell on machine foo at work (the dialup
to work is in autodial mode, so transparent).

However, since installing openssh, a dialup to the internet via my ISP
is also triggered, by the DNS lookup that ssh does. I have no idea why
this is. I've even tried putting "CheckHostIP no" and
"StrictHostKeyChecking no" in ssh_config, to no avail.

This costs real money here in Europe, besides the fact that I don't have
a spare channel for voice calls at that time. It doesn't happen if I use
telnet instead of ssh, so the setup is basically OK; ssh has a

Paul Slootman
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