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Re: [MDaemon@kilroy-mail.dyndns.org: Permanent Delivery Failure]

On Tue, Mar 07, 2000 at 04:37:49AM +0000, Lazarus Long wrote:
> Okay, now what?  Does this mean the maintainer did not receive this?
> Hmmm.  I'll cc this to -devel, where someone will hopefully know.

I think this has something to do with BenC having to manually recover from
the FUBAR that was perpetrated on the lists Sunday.

(Details: somebody -- and nobody has fessed up yet, to my knowledge,
decided to make some of the mailing lists moderated [GOOD], but in changing
the configuration for one (or a few lists), they managed to moderate EVERY
list except, apparently, -changes and -bugs-dist. [BAD]  So 18 to 24 hours'
worth of mail to almost every list piled up in 3 people's mailboxes (the
list-admins -- Joey S., Hanno Wagner and Alexander Koch) and had to be
weeded out by hand and remailed.  This was done by Ben Collins, but so far
it is unclear to me how successful the effort was.)

Frankly, I think whoever hosed up the lists should report themselves for a
good old-fashioned spanking.  A thick wooden paddle with holes in it to
prevent the formation of an air cushion before it as it arcs through the
air towards its destination.

while(1) {

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