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Re: Mozilla M14

Hello there,

On Fri, 3 Mar 2000, Jacob Kuntz wrote:
> with the exception of mysql on our servers, the only non-free software my
> organization has installed anywhere is netscape. i'd really love to have the
> option of getting rid of that on the workstations. i'm sure a lot of other
> people feel the same way. we could certianly include a warning that it's
> pre-beta and not for the faint of heart. any comments?

I can surely not judge the "release-fitness" of Mozilla M-14, as I am,
what you would perhaps call "just a normal user" and not a developer, and
I am usually "just listening" to the debian-devel mailing list.
But I really must agree with Jacob. There is currently no real open-
source-alternative to netscape, if you want a nice graphical user
interface, features like html 4.0, java and the like. As I
understand, Mozilla intends to fill that gap. I am personally using
text-mode-browsers like lynx or Emacs-W3-mode quite often, but
considering that the web-pages are having much more graphics and extended
functions, this is surely not the thing for the future.


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