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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for March 3, 2000

In article <[🔎] 20000306003055.A1461@bombadil.isr.uni-stuttgart.de> you wrote:

> I filed this one. It's important because the new ftape packages
> rely on makedev (once it's there) for creating the devices instead of
> kludging around with its own MAKEDEV.ftape script.

Ok, that sounds good.

> Unfortunately I
> quoted the devices.txt file in my first important bug report. In this
> case it's wrong because I checked the ftape utility sources (which I
> maintain) and they use the devices which I mentioned in my bug report.

I still don't understand why the devices.txt file is "wrong".  My impression
is that the community treats it as authoritative.  If the ftape utility
sources use something different, then I'd really like to see someone get
the ftape utilities upstream and the devices.txt maintainer (hpa?) together
to decide what the right device names are, and update devices.txt if needed.

Having said that, I'd rather see working ftape code in potato than non-working,
so if this can't be resolved fairly quickly, I'll make the changes you are
requesting anyway on or about Wednesday this week.


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