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Re: Another packages wishlist


Yann Dirson wrote:
> ** RHide: a curses-based IDE for FreePascal, with Borland look-and-feel
>         http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/~sho/rho/rhide/rhide.html
	You got the information bad.
	RHIDE is a TurboVision based (and thus run in DOS, Unix with NCurses
(in Linux also supports direct use of /dev/vcsa wich gives a really
*fast* speed) IDE for various languages, primary C/C++, but it supports
various others (a lot really) and supports various compilers, etc.
	It cannot be packaged :-((((.
	Borland (now Imprise) has made the TurboVision library.
	It seemed this library was Public Domain, so Robert Hoehne (author of
RHIDE) together with Salvador Eduardo Tropea ported that library to
DJGPP (DOS), made various enhancenments, then ported it to GNU/Linux (or
	They released it under the GPL v2.
	Recently Borland-Imprise confirmed that it isn't Public Domain and
isn't redistributable... really bad.
	Salvador made an editor called SETEdit, it is the editor used inside
RHIDE, it is really good, I have packaged it for Potato together with
the RHTVision library but it was removed from Debian after the
non-freeness of the library was confirmed.
	So, RHIDE cannot be packaged... it should be modified to use another
library first, but there isn't a DFSG library as good as the TurboVision
one... yet (there will be in the future and yet better than the
TurboVision one... I don't know in how much time... stay tuned to
	Ok, just for clarification and good information, bye!

P.d.: RHIDE is excelent, too bad it can't be packaged...
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