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ITP: tipptrainer


I have packaged the following package and will upload it soon.
It is intendend to be included in the Debian-Jr project.
Due to rare spare time I would offer this package to the
maintainance of an other Debian developer (future developer??).

Package: tipptrainer
Priority: optional
Section: games
Installed-Size: 395
Maintainer: Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org>
Version: 0.2-1
Description: A program to learn touch typing
 This program was developed by the Tipptrainer Team <tipptrainer@reith.8m.com>
 who belong to the PingoS project (see http://www.pingos.schulnetz.org/) to
 teach children how to type computer keyboards.  Languages German and English

Kind regards


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