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Re: Another packages wishlist

On Tue, Feb 29, 2000 at 03:00:09PM +0100, Yann Dirson wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> It's been some time I didn't post a list of packages that may be
> nice to have.  However, I've been workin hard finding some...

> ** FreePascal: a Borland-compatible pascal compiler
> 	http://tfdec1.fys.kuleuven.ac.be/~michael/fpc/

atlas03:11:~# dpkg -p fp-compiler
Package: fp-compiler
Priority: optional
Section: devel
Installed-Size: 1424
Maintainer: Mika Fischer <mf@debian.org>

> ** PowerShell: an Xshell featuring tabs
> 	http://rush.baked.net/~spong/powershell/

atlas03:11:~# dpkg -p powershell
Package: powershell
Priority: optional
Section: x11
Installed-Size: 240
Maintainer: Remco van de Meent <remco@debian.org>

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