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RE: Apache Issues

> In article <cistron.NDBBIHAIKLCAPCNCPEJNGEAKCMAA.katz@advanced.org>,
> Terry Katz <katz@advanced.org> wrote:
> >Traffic is directed to one
> >of two dual processor systems running apache as a reverse-proxy (meaning
> >that the 'real' content is sitting on a high end web server in
> the backround
> >.. the 'reverse proxies' are used for logging and future load
> balancing..)
> The proxy functionality in apache is limited and slow. You should try
> to use squid for this.

Hmm .. Does squid support things similar to ProxyPass and Rewrite Rules? (We
will be setting up squid on the systems for caching soon .. if we can do it
totally through that it would be great .. however we need the
rewrite/proxypass  capabilities)


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