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Re: postfix 0.0.19991231pl04-1 problems

> Hmm... just checking: are you sure you didn't want to upload to unstable as
> well?  (I didn't verify if there is something newer tan 19991231pl4 in
> unstable, so a frozen-only update might very well be what you want).

No, I need to do an unstable upload as well, it would appear (I don't see
postfix in woody at the moment...)

> >  * Make postfix run chrooted, like it's supposed to.
> Well, the included master.cf does not have "y" in the chroot columns, so
> postfix still might not be chrooted by default after an upgrade, I think.

The default (-) is 'yes' for chroot.  So it should run chrooted.

> >  * Eliminate complaints about different libnss* versions in chroot. Closes
> >  #58364, #58181.
> The linebreak seems to have caused the two bugs not to be closed. 58364 is
> RC, I don't know about 58181.

I have yet to figure out what exactly the syntax is to get the defects
to close automatically...  Anybody want to spill the secret?  (Meanwhile,
I just close them manually after the upload goes in...)


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