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postfix 0.0.19991231pl04-1 problems

>From the changelog:
>postfix (0.0.19991231pl04-1) frozen; urgency=low

Hmm... just checking: are you sure you didn't want to upload to unstable as
well?  (I didn't verify if there is something newer tan 19991231pl4 in
unstable, so a frozen-only update might very well be what you want).

>  * Make postfix run chrooted, like it's supposed to.

Well, the included master.cf does not have "y" in the chroot columns, so
postfix still might not be chrooted by default after an upgrade, I think.

>  * Eliminate complaints about different libnss* versions in chroot. Closes
>  #58364, #58181.

The linebreak seems to have caused the two bugs not to be closed. 58364 is
RC, I don't know about 58181.

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