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Re: Bug#58520: rexec segfaults

At 01:18 -0500 2000-02-27, Rich Sahlender wrote:
>I just had a look at:
>Package: rexec (debian/main)
>Maintainer: Herbert Xu <herbert@debian.org>
>  58520  rexec segfaults
>The segfault occurs within rexec() when called with either
>user or passwd set to NULL. There was a patch in 1.4 to work
>around this. Herbert has comments in 1.5-2 indicating he
>removed this intentionally because it is a libc6 problem.

Neither glibc upstream nor I believe it is (see #21810).

>It seems a shame to lose rexec to the "Bug Horizon" if this
>doesn't get reassigned in time.

I disagree, rexec uses a disgusting interface that uses a disgusting
authentication method. Someone tell me what rexec does that rsh doesn't.
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