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[OT: cluebat rampage] Re: Linux Popularity

Tom Berry wrote:
> May I make a suggestion to all developers of Linux applications:

sure.  but it would be more help if you wrote some code.  or some docs.

> 1. Put ALL Linux commercial applications on a single web site for sale. Tell
> the software developers to "bite the bullet" for a couple of years and sell
> the software at wholesale prices.

are you telling us Debian is too expensive??  or too cheap?

> 2. Use this web site as a CENTRAL LOCATION for ALL the Linux community out
> there.

Why stop there.  Lets put the WHOLE web on a single page.  No more
pesky URL's.  Damn those splitters@d.o

> We would all like to be able to find applications for such a great
> operating system, but FINDING them is quite difficult.

Sure, with > 4500 packages now finding things in dselect can be a problem.
But never fear, our team of highly skilled lumberjacks are cutting down
the forest as we speak.  You should be able to see the wood any time now.

> 3. Make sure the developers and customers around the country know about this
> web site. Market-market-market. Include shareware and freeware on it too.
> (Give everybody a chance)

This could be difficult.  We have a Cabal to ensure Free Software remains
exclusive.  They aren't responsible for who gets a chance on the share warez
though.  Try moving to the US, or sucking up to a VC angel.

> 4. When marketing, sell Linux's stability, robustness and tell the public
> that Unix (from whence Linux has its roots) has been around much longer than
> DOS or WINDOWS-that large companies around the world have relied on UNIX
> variants for decades to do their business.

sure.  Oversimplify and lie all you like.  How else will they know you
are marketing.

> 5. Publicly ask Microsoft to put a daemon in their operating system that
> monitors the number of crashes/hangs/reboots. I guarantee you they can't
> afford to, as we all know how unstable their operating systems can be.

Yeah! ..and we can ask the government to hand out free crack.

Or ask people to think.  (though that might mess up the marketing campaign
a bit)

> 6. Sell the point that Linux has "the good will" of all the programmers on
> the internet working towards a common goal: a robust, stable, truly
> multitasking operating system whose code is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, therefore
> allowing 100 times the inspection compared to anybody else's operating
> system.

why stop inventing facts when you are on a roll, right?

> 7. Once the public has a web site to purchase their applications for Linux
> and the developers community sees the need, Linux can overtake Windows.

Or we could just let the fast buck and marketing frenzy blow by while we
get on with doing what we love, and hope that maybe, just maybe they will
notice there is much more to this than simply replacing the old with more
of the same.

>From where I sit, the "you are now surpassing Windows" milestone is way
back in the dust of history.  Sorry public, but I don't give a shit about
how you think we compare.  I do care that Debian does what I need it to
do and does it well.  And if it doesn't, I know who's job it is to fix it.


> May the FORCE be with you.

er, thanks obi-wan.  Remember not to stare into the sun while overtaking.


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