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XF86_Mach64 and RAM - Solution


I did some playing around and found that most of the memory leak is
definitely due to GnomeICU; it seems to grow by about 2-3 MB per hour on
my system. However, other Gnome apps might also be affected since I did
have memory leakage occuring yesterday while I was away from my computer,
and I did not have GnomeICU running, then.

My solution was to install licq and kill off Gnome completely. My XFree
base memory usage has gone down from 40 MB to 14 MB. As far as I can tell
after watching x's mem usage for a bit, it doesn't seem to leak anymore.

Plus it became a good deal faster. ;-)

Thanks again to all who offered input on this issue.

Best wishes,

  "Party on, contest winners, party on."
			-- Slurms McKenzie

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