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Re: XF86_Mach64 and RAM

On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, Matt Ryan wrote:

> I see this also with xserver-rage128 - it seems to happen when 
> you load a lot of images (pictures). The memory doesn't seem to 
> get freed up when the application exits. While it could be a 
> poorly written app (I see it with xzgv) I think the server should 
> free the memory anyway on program exit.

> BTW: I'm using (mostly) 3.3.6

I use 3.3.6 as well. Hmm. The apps I have been running that use a lot of 

 - Netscape
 - Gnome-term (transparent)
 - 2 Gnome-Panels (menues have heaps of icons)
 - GnomeICU (heaps of small icons)

That's it really, WMaker, some panel apps and some wm dock apps, but
nothing big.


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