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ITP: WorldPilot

I intend to package WorldPilot (http://www.worldpilot.org/), a web-based
Personal Information Manager based on Zope.

WorldPilot is free software, released under a "WorldPilot Public License"
(WPL), which is essentially a verbatim copy of the Zope Public License (ZPL)
with names replaced.

The package will be named worldpilot.

As the announcement says:

  "WorldPilot is an Open Source application built using Zope, an Open Source
  application server. It integrates with most IMAP mail servers to make email
  accessible from anywhere. Other functionality includes To Do's, Contact
  management, a complete calendaring solution as well as Notes. Individual
  users' data can be shared with other users, thereby offering a groupware

On www.worldpilot.org, there's also a public demo login.


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