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Re: we need more variation for conffiles


> > an other aproach would be to use diff3 on the current
> > conffile, conffile.dpkg-new and the new file from
> > the archive to patch it.
> conffile.dpkg-new == new file from the archive
of course you are right ;)

> However, except if the user as made a backup
> of the orig, the orig file no more exist.

that should be handled by dpkg

it should look if the old original conffile is available,
merge user + maintainer changes if possible
then store the new generated conffile and the new
original file on disk

location and naming scheme of these original files
could be something like <conffile>.original
or /var/lib/dpkg/original.conf/<package>/<conffile>

how hard whould this be?
(haven't had an insight look at dpkg yet)

but i really think this would help to make unattended 
upgrades possible

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