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Re: we need more variation for conffiles

On Sat, Feb 19, 2000 at 03:18:58AM +0100, Martin Waitz wrote:
> hi,
> an other aproach would be to use diff3 on the current
> conffile, conffile.dpkg-new and the new file from
> the archive to patch it.

conffile.dpkg-new == new file from the archive

But I think you mean conffile.dpkg-dist (conffile from
the latest distribution). In this case, diff3 have some
chance to not work either. Why? diff3 wait for three
files: the orig file and two differently modified copies
of orig. However, except if the user as made a backup
of the orig, the orig file no more exist.

What we can do, however, is to create a package who's
setup a cvs module for conffiles and override dpkg
methods for conffiles installation. Instead of asking
the administrator for replacing it, it will merge the
diff files and detect conflicts. If no conflicts occur,
the conffile can be replace with the new version. For
sure, this behaviour can be customized so the new version
will only appears after a 'deb-conffiles update' explicitely
made by the user.

I don't know what's need to make conffiles installation
overrideable but, either for this or other thing, it will
be a good thing, IMHO.

> this would allow for automated changes of conffiles,
> even if the user has changed it!
> (assumed the changes in package and by user are not
> conflicting)
> if this failes, dpkg could offer the prompt that is
> currently used.
> cvs does a similar job to merge changes made by
> different peoples. why not adopt this mechanism for
> conffiles?
> would be great! :)
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