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urlview, slang and TERM=xterm-color problem

Sorry if you get this twice, it seems that the former post got lost somehow

I'm not sure where to file this report either urlview or slang

With ^B in mutt, it should lauch urlview program which work fine under many
TERM environment. But with TERM=xterm-color I got this complain

S-Lang Error: Inconsistency in define key.
S-Lang Error: Unknown Error Code
SLcurses_initscr: init failed

and urlview won't run after this!

Recompile urlview with ncurses helps eliminate this problem.

I think I should file this with slang, but not sure. Since late ncurses change
definition of del/bs key to conform to debian kb policy, so that could be a
problem for slang.

BTW, I have a terminal program that need TERM=xterm-color otherwise cureses
program will behave incorrectly.

This is on latest update potato box.


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