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Re: ITP: locale-th

Chanop Silpa-Anan <chanop@syseng.anu.edu.au> writes:

> > I intend to package locale-th (locale for Thai langauage), since it is not
> > included in locales package. I know that it is still work in progress stage,
> > from http://software.thai.net/, so it might be the reason that it is not
> > included in locales package.
> I've received email from upstream author of thai locale, as of the one in
> i18ndata package, that the more complete/up-to-date homepage for thai locale
> is at
> http://www.links.nectec.or.th/~thep/th-locale/
> intead of the one in old post.

IIRC, the "excluded" locales in the locale source (i18ndata) could not
be built with localedef, or worked incorrectly.  But I don't sure for
the current glibc or glibc 2.2.

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