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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for February 18, 2000

BugScan reporter proclaimed:
> Package: aspell (debian/main)
> Maintainer: Sudhakar Chandrasekharan <thaths@netscape.com>
>   58358  aspell: uses all available memory (physical and swap) then dies

This is a bug against the package on powerpc.  I build my package on x86. 
I have absolutely no way of debudding this or fixing this.  I don't even
know who (or what, if it is a build daemon) compiles the package for other
platforms.  My suggestion: Remove the powerpc package for release.

> Package: powertweak (debian/main)
> Maintainer: Sudhakar Chandrasekharan <thaths@netscape.com>
> [REMOVE] This package can be removed if it is not fixed.
>   54101  powertweak: 80867190_HOST_FAST_DATA_READY bad
>   54348  powertweak: MAkes the kernel freeze while upgrading with apt-get. Tried twice.

I have a new version avialable for testing at
http://www.aunet.org/thaths/hacks/powertweak/  I have emailed the bug
reporters to test this version for the same bugs.  If the bugs are fixed
then I shall upload this version into Incoming.


    "I have two questions for you: How much? and I'll take it."  
                     -- Homer J. Simpson
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