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Re: Need help with German keyboard

On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, Gediminas Paulauskas wrote:

> but how to change everything if I have the same problem but never
> used the real xterm nor rxvt, just gnome-terminal, and have to fix
> the same fscking problem? home, end somehow started to work, but I
> have even used to never use the Del key, because it doesn't
> work. Must I change some terminfo file, if so, then *how*, or change
> the $TERM value (it currently equals xterm-debian), install the
> xterm (what point in this?).

Don't know how to fix this (except using xterm, rxvt or eterm), but
it's a known bug of gnome-terminal (see bug reports #48260, #54428,
and #57198).

See Debian policy section "3.8. Keyboard configuration" for more
information about this topic.



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