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re: Man gets to be su?

The bug was in the manpages package version 1.28-2  (Was a problem in
the wrapper script /usr/bin/man. )

The problem is fixed in the most recent (frozen) version manpages 1.28-3.


> I had an interresting experience today.  When requesting a manpage, it asked
> me for my password!  Well, the man-command thought it was su!  Heres what
> is:
> ----------------------
> eof@burrken:~$ man
> What manual page do you want?
> eof@burrken:~$ su
> Password:
> burrken:/home/eof# man
> su: option requires an argument -- c
> Usage: su [OPTS] [-] [username [ARGS]]
>        -      make this a login shell
>        -c, --commmand=<command>
>               pass command to the invoked shell using its -c
>               option
>        -m, -p, --preserve-environment
>               do not reset environment variables, and keep the
>               same shell
>        -s, --shell=<shell>
>               use shell instead of the default in /etc/passwd
> burrken:/home/eof#
> -----------------------
> Well, as a user "man" was just "man", but after my su "man" became "su"!! A
> "which man" returns "/usr/bin/man", and typing the command with full path is
> the same.
> I am logged on thru ssh.. I haven't noticed anything else this strange...
> I don't even know where to send a bug-report!
> Regards, EOF

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