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Re: ITP: namazu2

Why do you make a new package not to do up grade of namazu?

If all mantainers think as you (build separate package  each
version), Debian has millon pacages as a result!!

>>>>> In <87d7pvciht.wl@stratos.debian.gr.jp> 
>>>>>	Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org> wrote:

Takuo KITAME> I intent to package namazu2.
Takuo KITAME>  <URL:http://www.namazu.org/>

Takuo KITAME> Namazu2 is the namazu next generation which has some incompatible parts
Takuo KITAME> with old namazu version 1.x (already in Debian).

What is the incompatibilities? 
If the new upstrem changes the spec, it is not reason why you build a
new debian package, in my opitnion.

Ryuichi Arafune

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