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Re: Please help, I'm desperate (SAMBA)


On 16-Feb-2000 aphro wrote:
> can samba even do roaming profiles? (im not even sure what roaming
> profiles are) i didn't see any mention of it in the FAQ. after looking at
> the PROFILES.txt from samba looks like that may be what you want.  If you
> still can't get it working upgrade to samba 3.0 (alpha)  i spent hours
> trying to fix a dissapearing file/directory problem on 2.0 and it was
> fixed the instant i upgraded to 3.0

Yes it can. Any SMB server that declares itself to be a domain auth can. It is
a matter of proper directory structure, permissions and proper share
definitions in smb.conf (plus knowing a few quircks documented in fair detail
in most releases of the Windows SDK).

Can we get this [OT] off the list because some of the docs are (C) Microsoft
and are in properly copyrighted proprietary specs. I tried to write some docs on
this long ago and post them publically but got righteously grilled (The docs I
wrote where s... anyway). If anyone can help Onno I suggest do it off the lists
ulness you want to get grilled for nothing for (C) violation. 

P.S. I already did my share from what I remember the last time I set this up.

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