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Re: Please help, I'm desperate (SAMBA)

can samba even do roaming profiles? (im not even sure what roaming
profiles are) i didn't see any mention of it in the FAQ. after looking at
the PROFILES.txt from samba looks like that may be what you want.  If you
still can't get it working upgrade to samba 3.0 (alpha)  i spent hours
trying to fix a dissapearing file/directory problem on 2.0 and it was
fixed the instant i upgraded to 3.0

samba 3.0 has been very stable for me i haven't had any problems but all
im doing is basic filesharing.

you can get 3.0 by following the directions here:



On Wed, 16 Feb 2000, Onno wrote:

Onno >
Onno >It doesn't matter what I try, what smb.conf I dream up or
Onno >what I put into the win 95 configs: I can't get roaming
Onno >profiles to work. I tried increasing the debug level but
Onno >all I got was over 500k of crap and as far as I can understand
Onno >it most things are for developers!
Onno >
Onno >
Onno >My setup:
Onno >
Onno >- Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (Potato/frozen)
Onno >- Samba 2.0.6-3 (running as daemon)
Onno >- Windows 95 (dutch)
Onno >
Onno >What does work:
Onno >
Onno >- logons (mandatory)
Onno >- the netlogon share and the config.pol (partly?)
Onno >- the logon script 
Onno >- browsing the shares
Onno >- home directory share
Onno >
Onno >But I can get those @#$%^& roaming profiles working!
Onno >I've tried to delete the local profile, remove the pwl file
Onno >and even removed the user from the registry! But no sir!
Onno >
Onno >Now I'm desperate, I need help BAD!
Onno >
Onno >Maybe somebody has roaming profiles working and would be 
Onno >so nice to send me the following files:
Onno >
Onno >- smb.conf
Onno >- netlogon script
Onno >- config.pol
Onno >- registry
Onno >- ???
Onno >
Onno >Thanks in advance,
Onno >
Onno >Onno
Onno >
Onno >
Onno >
Onno >-- 
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Onno >

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