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Re: Haha... Dependencies with an = and not =>

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Lamb <morpheus@rpglink.com> writes:

    Ben> GTK does not depend on gconv-modules any more. Any mirror
    Ben> that has a copy of GTK that is that old is wildly (like 2
    Ben> weeks) out of synch.

    Steve>     As I said, this is from ftp.debian.org.  Is that mirror
    Steve> out of date?  I thought that was the master?

My mistake, actually. I hadn't realized the situation had been so
messed up.

There should not be a gconv-modules package on ftp.debian.org at all;
that package is now provided by the locales package, and is out of

I had finagled the depends on GTK, but I didn't remove gconv-modules,
as that's what the libc maintainer told me to do (since gconv-modules
is now provided by locales.)

But the old gconv-modules package, which is useless, has not
been removed from the archives. I had thought that it had been,
but I was mistaken.

This is actually bug #57875 on ftp.debian.org:


I'll bump the severity to Important: since it hasn't been fixed yet.


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