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Re: Haha... Dependencies with an = and not =>

Monday, February 14, 2000, 6:16:43 PM, Michael wrote:
> Grab a clue, remove gconv-modules and libc6-bin, install locales, upgrade
> libc6, and be f**king happy.

> Sorry for the snap, but it's been dealt with, its not a big deal.

    Obviously it hasn't if I just did an upgrade this f**king afternoon and it
is still there!!  You grab a clue.

   Let's see, I want to install gconv-modules so I can get GTK running so I
can do an upgrade on the rest of my system.  GTK is depending on that and APT,
in its anal retentive manner, will just flat out /DIE/ if there are
dependency problems on paper.

    The problem is that gconv-modules has an = on it to a version of libc6
that is LESS than the libc6 that is on my system!  So how the *HELL* is
upgrading libc6 supposed to solve it WHEN I'VE ALREADY DONE IT!  Furthermore,
to get the latest libc6 on there, I had to remove locales!

    That, sir, doesn't sound "dealt with" to me in the LEAST!

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