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Re: RFC: Debian an die Schule

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Gregor Hoffleit wrote:
> Now I wonder if there are people interested in running a campaign for
> "Debian an die Schule". Debian has all that's necessary to run a ISDN
> router. Debian already has quite a lot of educational stuff, and more
> interesting things are available or are coming up in the SEUL project.

Although I had not conceived the debian-kids project as specifically
school-oriented, as that has complexities of its own (like this ISDN
router aspect, the political aspect, and the special needs of teachers and
classrooms ... which are right now worked on in groups like SEUL/edu) the
campaign you have proposed would certainly benefit from the work that we
are just beginning to plan.  Please see the following recent debian-devel


And see also the beginnings of a web page at:


This page is just a draft, and just contains the content of the draft
debian-kids goals that I just posted to debian-devel (but is not yet in
the web archives, so I cannot provide a link to it).  It will shortly be
formatted to look nicer and will be updated with revisions from the group
and a link to the soon-to-be-created debian-kids mailing list.  Once this
is finished, we are seeking to get it linked in as a Debian Project from

> I could imagine that it's quite a fun project to come up with a Debian
> GNU/Schulinux derivative that's tailored for use in schools. A first step
> would be to build a plug'n'play configuration for a T-Online ISDN
> router/firewall on a cheap machine.

This is beyond the scope of our project, but I think if you're interested
in pursuing it, it would indeed be both fun and useful.

> A next step would be to come up with
> a decent configuration for Debian school workstations, that provide all
> kinds of free educational software--a big gain over Windows based systems
> where the schools would have to order and pay for most programs.

This is where I see debian-kids fitting in.  Much of the stuff we'll
come up with as parents/administrators/developers will be of use in an
educational environment.

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