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Re: apt-get update, a wishlist feature as tag in cvs

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Craig Sanders wrote:

> rough sequence of events to be performed:
> 1. download bug report #98765
> 2. parse it to find out which package it refers to.
> 3. download changelog for package
> 4. parse it to find out if it closes #98765.  there are several valid
>    ways that this can be specified in a changelog.
> 5. if it does, then "apt-get install PACKAGE"
> steps 1 & 2 can be skipped if the user specifies both the package name
> and the bug number.

2. parse bug report to see if bug is closed.
3. if bug is closed, parse bug rport to get package name "&& apt-get
install PACKAGE"

Maybe add something to double-check changelog and maybe add a bi-weekly 5
step check to see if it got reported as fixed in the changelog, but the
bug db didn't get updated.

The 3 step method should be easy to implement with a script :).

> (btw, sometimes bugs get fixed but the bug report never gets closed or
> listed in the changelog)

True, but the above can reduce the manual checking someone goes through...


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