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Re: Debian for kids

How about Debian, Jr.?  Implies kids, but also implies a smaller subset of

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Bdale Garbee wrote:

> In article <38A43352.9DAC438B@mindspring.com> you wrote:
> > "Fool Proof Debian", "Low-Maintenance Debian", "No Hassle Debian"?  I
> > can't think of a good term.
> We need to be careful here.  My goal isn't any of these things... it's to 
> make Debian an operating system my kids *want* to run. 
> The note that kicked off this thread talked a bit about the issues of sharing
> a Debian machine with kids, which I suspect is what is leading to the above
> set of concerns... but in my case, it's completely clear that my kids should
> have their own computer(s)... so I'm worried more about making sure the kinds
> of programs they would want to have and run are available.  I also agree that
> we could provide a more kid-oriented "desktop environment" with a set of 
> features they can latch onto easily without being too limiting long-term.  
> Don't laugh, but I bet some desktop themes with cartoon characters, dinosaurs, 
> zoo animals, or other things like that which appeal directly to kids would 
> have more to do with whether our kids think it's cool running Debian than 
> almost anything else we could work on.  /o\
> By the way, I don't want my kids to have a completely fool-proof system.  They
> aren't fools, and it is important that they have the learning experiences that
> go along with fixing things and/or getting help to fix things from time to 
> time.  One of the great enabling features of an Open Source system is that you
> *can* learn how it all works if you want to.  If there are things we can or 
> should do to improve Debian's robustness for all users, that's great... I 
> sure have spent a lot of late nights trying to make the packages I maintain 
> more robust because I think that is generally important, and I don't intend 
> to stop... but it isn't a kid-specific issue.
> Don't confuse the issues associated with making Debian more attractive and 
> useful to kids with the issue of robustness... they may go hand in hand, but
> they are *not* the same thing!
> Bdale
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