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Re: Debian for kids

Kyle Sallee wrote:
> While I am please to see supporters of this fascinating idea,
> there should be
> at least one harshly rebuking devil's advocate, yes?  I'll be the
> person who
> says that this idea wreaks of age prejudice and censorship.
> Are there going to be different configuration scripts for age
> 1->4 , 5->8,  9->13, and so forth?
> Will debian for women, minority women, white males, and so forth
> be next?
> If labels are to be used how about: high security configurations,
> or gamers' configurations,
> or anything more descriptive and less derogatory than kids,
                                        ^^^^^^^^^^      ^^^^
Gosh, that kind of says it all.

While agreeing that Kyle is on crack, it does lead into a point I've
been wanting to make.  You guys are undertaking a very worthwhile
project, but the whole time I've been thinking about how great a lot of
it would be in the context of a public library, or, indeed, anywhere
that you've got a set of relatively unsupervised users with diverse
skill sets.

Think about how broad you want the focus to be, and what the terminology
should be.  A lot of the stuff you want to do crosses over into other
uses, but won't be more broadly used if you put kid-specific stuff in
there and call it "Debian for Kids".

"Fool Proof Debian", "Low-Maintenance Debian", "No Hassle Debian"?  I
can't think of a good term.

But it's your effort that's going into it, and I wish you the best with
what you're doing.

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