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Re: Debian on non-Linux systems

"Marcelo E. Magallon" wrote:
>> Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com> writes:

 > Greetings!  Personally, I think the debian-beowulf list should suit
 > fine.  There isn't much traffic on this list in general, and I don't
 > see why mpi et. al. related questions need be cross-posted to
 > infrastructures.


Agreed. debian-beowulf list is okay. But if that other list is already well
organized and has lots of subscribers, we could subscribe to it as well

 > As one reader of this list, my primary interest in this discussion
 > would be in making maintenance of Debian clusters easier.  Long
 > discussions about Solaris and other OS's would not be of interest to
 > me personally.

Agreed, but some people are working on possibly very non etherogeneous
clusters, with a mix of architectures and OSes (Debian + somethig
else :-)

Yep, but if we want to make Debian *the* distro for admins, then I think we
should think about those as well.


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