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Re: Debian on non-Linux systems

At 10:27 AM 11-02-00 -0500, Camm Maguire wrote:
>Greetings!  Personally, I think the debian-beowulf list should suit
>fine.  There isn't much traffic on this list in general, and I don't
>see why mpi et. al. related questions need be cross-posted to

Hi Camm,

I would like to avoid cross posting.  So far it went to 3 lists (deb-devel,
deb-beo, infrastructures) and this means that it becomes quite likely that
some people get several copies and that some people forget to crosspost to
all lists...  (I can't tell since the web achive of deb-devel doesn't seem
to get  updated very often...).  I would prefer to have a single list and,
if this is really wanted, have several lists subscribe to this if really
EVERYTHING is relevant...

How politically incorrect would it be to do this on my machine (no
burocracy, fast, etc.) and subscribe all lists for cross posting?

>As one reader of this list, my primary interest in this discussion
>would be in making maintenance of Debian clusters easier.  Long
>discussions about Solaris and other OS's would not be of interest to
>me personally.

I can realte to this since all I have inhouse is Debian/intel.  However,
this said I believe that pulling in the extensive experience of the
infrastructures people will be help us a great deal (now on
infrastructures@terraluna.org).  So cutting them out would be a petty. I
doubt that many would subscribe to debian-beowulf--they are very busy
people (Steve Traugott who manages Netscape Communications mentioned that
his inbox has 4000 unread messages...).  

Actually, if I set up a list (using mailman) I could subscribe the
infrastructues@terraluna.org in digest mode to keep people happy and still

Good idea?

>Thanks for your work on this!

I need to move myself and I believe together we do better than alone.  I've
so far tried to get up to speed and collect links.

Our Alessandro will try to wrap dpkg and possibly apt to install to the
global shared filesystem structure that I mentiond and possibly play with
Slink to see that you can run things this way.  I believe the more brains
will work on this, the cleaner, more eligant, and more usable this will


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