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Re: Debian for kids (long)

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> I took a look about, and to my surprise, I was unable to find anything
> in Debian!  Well, a look at Freshmeat turned this up, though I haven't
> yet fetched & tried it:
> 	http://freshmeat.net/appindex/2000/01/20/948380550.html
> The game is called "Warship Battle", is written in Java, and is
> GPL'd.  It is described as follows:
Thanks for the hint.  From the readme:

  You will need a Java 2 VM to compile and run the game. See for
  instance JDK-1.2 from Sun Microsystem (http://java.sun.com).

It seems that we have to wait quite a while to get it working under
Debian, right?
> > In the last few years I wrote E-Mails to some companies to think about
> > porting their software to linux.
> Hm, discouraging results.  But not surprising.
Why that?  Not at all!
33% Success and 66% showed at least so much interest even if they did not
started porting immediately.  May be you include a hint to the
VA Linux IPO or such stuff and you are slightly more convincing.
> OK.  I think I'll ask "The Learning Company" http://www.learningco.com/
> that makes the Reader Rabbit stuff.
Yes, may be some others do as well.
> I have already visited the site and performed a "News Search" and
> "Product Search" for the keyword "linux" ... 0 matches in both cases.
> Again, no big surprise.
No, but every single step we do counts.
> Interesting.  That's my wife's preference too.  And I wouldn't be
> surprised if the kids felt similarly.
Moreover there is an idealistic approach which is not unimportant
for children.  Telling my son the difference between the "marketing"
strategies of Windows and Linux he was easily able to find the
"right" desicion.  You know that children are idealist.

This is also a general fact.  Currently there is a discussion in
the church of Germany whether not to use Win 2000 because of the
defragmentation program which was written by a company which seems
to be ruled by Scienotlogy.  I don't know if this is also a topic
in other countries but it would be a case of precedence.

Kind regards


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