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Re: Debian for kids (long)

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Andreas Tille wrote:
> OK, I think it makes less sense to discuss which programming language is
> best for learning in general.  Kids are different and so they might
> tend to different languages.  My decision was to try C because I can
> *teach* this best, just because I'm very familiar with it.


> > Ah, the english version is "Battleship".
> Thanks.  Is there any clone around, yet?  If not it will be if I
> manage to teach my boy right ;-).

I took a look about, and to my surprise, I was unable to find anything
in Debian!  Well, a look at Freshmeat turned this up, though I haven't
yet fetched & tried it:


The game is called "Warship Battle", is written in Java, and is
GPL'd.  It is described as follows:

    "Warship Battle, also known as NF, is based an the old game of
     battleship, but with customization features.  You can change the
     field size and the number of boats. Boats can be put one by one
     on the field or generated.  Two sets of rules are available, as
     well as two levels of difficulty.  Preferences are remembered
     between sessions."

> Of course, one of the first programs to write for everyone :).


> In the last few years I wrote E-Mails to some companies to think about
> porting their software to linux.
> I did so at:
>   1) National instruments for LabWindows.
>   2) Stupfl (controling software for slide shows - its my hobby to
>   3) Douglas Adams company which wrote the Game "Starship titanic"

Hm, discouraging results.  But not surprising.

> I think if everybody of us would try to ask politely (!) the company of
> his most wanted program to be ported to Linux once or twice a year we
> could at least awake more interest than we wouldn't do that.

OK.  I think I'll ask "The Learning Company" http://www.learningco.com/
that makes the Reader Rabbit stuff.

I have already visited the site and performed a "News Search" and
"Product Search" for the keyword "linux" ... 0 matches in both cases.
Again, no big surprise.

> Just for curiosity: Yesterday my son said that he prefers Linux over
> its Win (3.1) because I can immediately start to type in what he wants
> instead of moving the mouse around and click on images which needs
> so long to start up ...

Interesting.  That's my wife's preference too.  And I wouldn't be
surprised if the kids felt similarly.

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