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Re: lists-archives not supported anymore? not y2k compliant.

>>>>> "Cesar" == Cesar Mendoza <mendoza@kitiara.org> writes:

    Cesar> since then :-) ). I don't have mailman installed on my
    Cesar> machine, but may be you can help me so I can fix all the
    Cesar> bugs related to that. Againg all the y2k have been
    Cesar> fixed. Johnie is just waiting for me to finnish the source
    Cesar> package, so he can sponsor it into debian.

No problem. I would have done it all myself, but was worried about
having all my changes lost when upgrading list-manager.

I think the main problems I had were (some might already be

- incorrect permissions, should all be root:lists (or list?),
not daemon:daemon.

- for some reason wanted groups of 3 months at a time, not sure
if this is a bug or feature... However, the cron daemon
produced errors about this (I only had one month available).

- copied both test-* and test.mbox-* (for test mailing list),
and thought they were two seperate mailing lists.

Another unrelated issue:
- I don't really like the suggestion to use glimpse - isn't
there any DFSG program available? I thought there was...

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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