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Re: debian-kids: Asking the kids what they think

In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.1000209150619.12870H-100000@eden.nslug.ns.ca> you wrote:

> I asked my kids some questions about what their thoughts on kids &
> computers just to get in the right frame of mind 

I asked the same set of questions of my almost-8 daughter Elizabeth.  She has
had her own computer since she turned 2, currently it's a Win98 Pentium box.
Here are her replies:

> "Do you like computers?"

	Oh, yes!  I love computers!

> "Why do you like computers?"

	Some programs on my computer are educational and fun.

> "What do you best about computers?"

	The programs that I have.  Some of them are pretty good.

> "What is the hardest thing about computers?"

	The challenges they have on the disks.  

	(since they're mostly at least quasi-educational multimedia stuff, 
	 they are indeed challenging for her at first!)

> "What is your favourite game?  Why?"

	JumpStart 2nd Grade.  Because it has cool songs I can learn, and
	helped prepare me for 2nd grade.  

	(that's what she's in now)

> "What would you like to do on the computer that you haven't done yet?"

	Go on the Internet and go to my school web site.  

	(so far, she hasn't done any solo surfing... her mom and I have always

> Naturally, your own kids will have their own thoughts, feelings, and goals
> for using computers.  I think it's important for parents to perform this
> evaluation on a kid-by-kid basis.

Yep, this was interesting.  Already, I see some common themes emerging.  Maybe
if we get a few more parents to quiz their kids, some useful short-term goals
will pop out...

I have to admit that while E was really excited the first time I showed her
the gimp working with the scanner on my main Debian box, there is currently
so much good/cheap software for kids under Windows that I haven't seriously
thought about moving her to Linux yet...  


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