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Re: lists problem - bogus root@ response.

Mikolaj J. Habryn wrote:
>   Can someone explain (and, preferably, fix) the habit of the mailing
> list software to reject a from address that looks like:
> "Mikolaj J. Habryn" <dichro-mail-72b44ff@rcpt.to>
>   with the rather unpleasant and totally incorrect response:

SmartList does not only look at the From line but detects if you're
working as root by looking at Sender: as well.

Thus there are exactly two possibilities;

  a) You're working as root which you shouldn't, or

  b) that f*cking Qmail has inserted "Sender: root@murphy" header
     again.  In that case, wait a couple of cycles and resend.



> ---
> You should not send mail from your »root« account.  The »root« is a
> login that bypasses all security protection on your system. The root
> account should only be used to perform system administration, and only
> used for as short a time as possible.
> You should *not* use the »root« account for daily use or as your
> personal login.  Why not? Well, one reason to avoid using root's
> privileges is that it is very easy to do irreparable damage as
> root. Another reason is that you might be tricked into running a
> Trojan-horse program -- that is a program that takes advantage of your
> super-user powers to compromise the security of your system behind
> your back. Any good book on Unix system administration will cover this
> topic in more detail -- consider reading one if it is new to you.
> Please use adduser and create a regular user account for you and send
> mail from that account.
> If you haven't sent from a root account there is a chance that
> our list server has inserted a line like "Sender: root@..."
> which confuses the lists software.  In that case please wait few
> hours and resend.
> ---
>   when it will accept the same message resent with a from address
> containing somewhat fewer hyphens? I've replied to it many times, and
> cc'd listmasters, but nothing has been done - and I've only just now
> determined the workaround. Can this please be fixed? Why on earth is
> it even happening?
> m.
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