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lists problem - bogus root@ response.

  Can someone explain (and, preferably, fix) the habit of the mailing
list software to reject a from address that looks like:

"Mikolaj J. Habryn" <dichro-mail-72b44ff@rcpt.to>

  with the rather unpleasant and totally incorrect response:

You should not send mail from your »root« account.  The »root« is a
login that bypasses all security protection on your system. The root
account should only be used to perform system administration, and only
used for as short a time as possible.

You should *not* use the »root« account for daily use or as your
personal login.  Why not? Well, one reason to avoid using root's
privileges is that it is very easy to do irreparable damage as
root. Another reason is that you might be tricked into running a
Trojan-horse program -- that is a program that takes advantage of your
super-user powers to compromise the security of your system behind
your back. Any good book on Unix system administration will cover this
topic in more detail -- consider reading one if it is new to you.

Please use adduser and create a regular user account for you and send
mail from that account.

If you haven't sent from a root account there is a chance that
our list server has inserted a line like "Sender: root@..."
which confuses the lists software.  In that case please wait few
hours and resend.

  when it will accept the same message resent with a from address
containing somewhat fewer hyphens? I've replied to it many times, and
cc'd listmasters, but nothing has been done - and I've only just now
determined the workaround. Can this please be fixed? Why on earth is
it even happening?


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