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Re: bug autoclosing NMU annoyance

>>>>> "Paolo" == Paolo Molaro <lupus@lettere.unipd.it> writes:

    Paolo> I think the bug closing stuff should be made more explicit
    Paolo> and flexible.  The proposal is to extend the perl re to
    Paolo> understand a priority instead of only allowing closing
    Paolo> bugs: sometimes a new vesrion may reduce the priority of a
    Paolo> bug while the bug itself still persists.

On the topic on enhancing the bug closing mechanism, I think it would
be really good (and somewhat important) to have the title of the bug
that is being closed listed in the close message.  My guess is that
this could be found using the LDAP database by dinstall.

This would allow the maintainer and bug reporter to verify the correct
bug has been closed, and there wasn't any mistake entering the bug id,
without having to look up the details on the web.

Paolo> Comments welcome.

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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