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bug autoclosing NMU annoyance

The automatic big closing whena package is installed into the archive has a
nice side feature. If it thinks you made a NMU to fix the bug, it doesn't
close it, but just sets its severity to fixed. The heuristic it uses to
determine this seems to be if the uploader name and email do not match the
maintainer name and email, it's a NMU.

The problem with this is that packages can be uploaded in several
circumstances, when these values do not match, and the correct behavior is
to close bugs, not mark them fixed. For example, any packages maintained by
a group (debian-policy, boot-floppies, base-config, etc), when uploaded by a
member of that group, are not NMU's. Neither are orphaned packaes with the
maintainer set to the QA group, when uploaded by any interested maintainer.

I wonder if others who regularly upload such packages are annoyed by
dinstall's behavior as much as I? If so, perhaps something should be done.

see shy jo

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