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Re: debconf help

Daniel Burrows wrote:
> debconf: trying frontend Dialog
> debconf: <-- FSET test/foo isdefault true
> debconf: --> 0 true
> debconf: <-- INPUT high test/foo
> debconf: --> 30
> debconf: <-- GO 
> debconf: --> 0
> (nothing happens)
>   That 30 seems to indicate that the question is being skipped because the
> 'isdefault' flag is false, if I understand the documentation correctly.

The 30 just means it was skipped, it doesn't tell why. It might be skipped
because you have your debconf priority set to "critical". Since only root
can read the debconf database, only when debconf runs as root will it use
that priority setting, which probably explains why you're seeing different
behaviors as root and as a user. I'd suggest reconfiguring debconf and
picking a lower priority.

see shy jo

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