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apt-get update, a wishlist feature as tag in cvs

Is there a feature for ``apt-get upgrade'' as the ``tag'' in the world
of CVS? I'd like to have this feature, because:

1) Some packages update very often, and I just use them not so much
often, that I don't want to keep up with every patch level of it.
especially when this patch is just a packaging patch. ;-)

2) Some packages are very big for dial-up users, for us, the ``cvs dist-
upgrade'' usualy being ``blocked'' by them. And there is really not so
many critical reasons for everyone to keep up with every patch level
while trying keeping h{is,er} system ``relatively'' update.

3) The official ``tag'' as ``slink'', ``potato'', ``woody'' takes just
too long for people wanna catch up. ;-)

Best regards,

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