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Re: Intent to package barrendero-1.0

On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, Santiago Vila wrote:
> I'm a little bit amazed.
> In some way, the purpose of this package is to produce "data loss".
> The bug system says a "data loss" is a grave bug.
> Are you sure this is interesting enough to be packaged?

By that reasoning, rbl'ing spam into the bit-bucket is a "grave bug". :)

Check out the page.  Apparently this package is aimed at solving a
specific problem at universities, where infrequently checked accounts
accumulate new mail forever, and when quotas are reached, *new* mail
starts getting lost.  Barrendero helps those lazy users out by expiring
old mail instead (and not without warning them first).

But I must say, I do think this is a case of "accomodation for failure". 
Instead, users should be educated about reading their email on a regular

If they're not going to maintain their accounts, rm their spooled mail
completely and disable their accounts.

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